They’re on you, in you. You carry more than 100 trillion of them on you all by yourself. Altogether, there are ten times more microbes than human cells in your body. Together, they make up about 1.5 kilograms of your body weight. Your body’s own microbes are important to your health. 1.5 trillion microbes live on the entire surface of your skin. They live from the moment we are born in symbiosis. They help us and we help them, our relationship is beneficial for both parties.

By making these saucers I detach the way microbes are usually looked at. More often then not microbes are associated with unhygienic conditions or scientific research but they are all around us and part of ourself. They live in our homes alongside us. That is why I interact with them as a part of my everyday life and body instead of something that is far from my person. By giving a platform and a place to brood for microbes I detach them from the alienating eye and accept and use them as part of my daily ritual.

Bio plastic